Czech and Slovak Association of Comparative Literature (CSACL) was founded in 2014 as a research association of literary comparatists in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Its aim is to support the activities of research institutions in the area of comparative literary studies and create a network of scholars to enable information exchange and research collaboration with similar institutions outside of Czechia and Slovakia.
Comparative literature or comparative literary studies uses various methodological approaches to literary analysis beyond the unit of national literature. It is interested, from various theoretical positions, in issues such as literary influence, contacts and reception, the impact of these on literary forms and genres, the periodization of literary history, the position of literature in society, the idea of world literature and transnationalism, literary translation, the relationship between literature and art, literature and science, etc.
Czech and Slovak Association of Comparative Literature is an association registered by the Slovak Ministry of Interior on February 28, 2014 and listed in the statistical register of the Statistical Bureau of the Slovak Republic under no. 42361851.